Glossybox – All You Need for Fall

Today was a pretty awesome day – I came home from work and found TWO packages! I already showed you what was in the Klutchclub, but now I want to show you the… Continue reading

Klutchclub – Best of Box

I don’t know if I have shared this with you yet, but I have a love for obsession with Subscription Boxes. I have mainly stayed within the Beauty/Makeup Boxes, but earlier this month… Continue reading

Travel Tuesday – Catalina

J. and I took a magical trip to California two and a half years ago. He is originally from SoCal, so for him it was more reminiscing and meeting up with family, but… Continue reading

Fall Makeup Look

I promised you guys a fall makeup look in an early post, and here it is! Ta-Daaaaa! My first makeup tutorial! What do you think? Love and Kisses, Zsanika

Throwback Thursday – Past Jobs/Nametags

I spent the last day and a half in training for my new job, and I am more excited than before about my decision to join this company. I worked for a year… Continue reading

Travel Tuesday – Disznohegy, Hungary

I took this snapshot during my travels to Hungary last summer. This is just outside of the town where my dad grew up. A friendly neighbor was kind enough to drive me to… Continue reading

Fiona and Kit Kat

I have been dating J. for many years now, and we (finally) moved in together last summer. In December of last year we decided we were ready to take the plunge and become… Continue reading

Try It! List – September/October Edition

I love trying new things, and I love being creative, but I can work myself into a lull easier than I would like to admit. There are sometimes even months that go by… Continue reading

Lipstick Love

I have been a beauty junkie for a long time now, but only recently have I begun to wear the beautiful styles and products that I have read about for years now. Without… Continue reading


Welcome to my blog! I am so excited to start sharing with you. I have found myself pondering the idea of starting a blog for almost a year now. I have a lot… Continue reading