My Beachbody Story

I decided to become a Coach with Beachbody because I am a very happy customer! With the help of Shakeology, Beachbody’s amazing programs, and the support of my coach and those in my challenge groups, I am finally learning how awesome clean eating, and daily exercise can feel, and the amazing effects that it has on my body, mind and soul. When I first started on this journey I didn’t have any support behind me, and I failed multiple times. I am not only succeeding in losing weight, but my outlook and attitude have changed a lot since I started as well. The main difference between what I did then and what I’m doing now is my coach and the challenge group that I am in.

If you are interested in learning more about my challenge groups please reach out, I am really passionate about helping others and I would love to see how I can help you!

You can find out more information on Beachbody, their products, and coaching by clicking here.