Throwback Thursday – Past Jobs/Nametags

I spent the last day and a half in training for my new job, and I am more excited than before about my decision to join this company.

I worked for a year after graduation as a Talent Acquisition/HR Coordinator (I also had two similar internships as well). Due to a lot of different factors all merging together I became unhappy, very unhappy with where I was in life. I found myself stressing out over little things and overall I could tell that it was time for a change. I’ve never been a mopey person, and I learned quick that when something feels wrong its time to evaluate. So evaluate I did, and I realized that it was time for a change, but this change felt intimidating. There is nothing worse than having to interview and sell yourself to a potential employer when you are feeling down and questioning your self-worth. But thankfully I’ve always been good at putting on a show, so sell myself I did to many different recruiters. Most of the time I could tell from the first 2 minutes on the phone if this indeed would be the right opportunity or not, and I would feel defeated every single time I knew that it wasn’t. Finally I had the call, everything the corporate recruiter told me sounded amazing (but believable) and after the in-person interview with my would-be manager I knew it was perfect. I was on pins and needles the rest of the week, waiting, checking my phone, waiting, checking my email, until I heard back.

What I love about my new job is not only the people (I’m super easy going, so I’ve never really had a situation where I didn’t get a long with a co-worker) but there was growth opportunities. My manager, his peer, their manager, and her manager all started off in entry level roles doing exactly what I am doing now, and the company is still growing so there are still those growth opportunities. I also love how excited everyone is to do what they do, and how could we not be? We make our money off of helping clients find the right candidates, and off of finding great people their next job.

Thinking about my career, I started thinking about where I started out. So ladies and gentleman, I give you my #tbth photo


That’s right, I started off as a bagger at Piggly Wiggly the summer I turned 16. I spent over two years at Blockbuster working through the first part of my college experience. And I got my internship at Six Flags about a month before my BBV store shut down.

These three jobs gave me the foundations, the basics that I use everyday in life and in my career.

Are you happy in your career? What was your first job?

*Side note, if you are not happy in your career, you are in luck, I am in the right industry to help you out with that – just comment below and I will be more than happy to start a discussion with you 🙂