21 Day Fix Extreme: Results and Final Verdict

Well my first round of 21 Day Fix Extreme is done, and I couldn’t be more excited to share my results. I had some ups and I had some downs, I’ve had things that worked and things that didn’t work and I will share ALL of that with you in this review. But first The Results…. I lost 11lbs!!

21dfx results

The positives: I learned so much about nutrition. I’ve counted calories before and I’ve done what I thought was clean eating. But the portion control system with the macros really opened my eyes as to how much I need to eat. I struggled with eating veggies the most and I found great ways to add more vegetables into my diet.

The negatives: I stuck with the program to a T for the first 12 days. On day 12 my knees started to feel weird during the workout and I decided to lay off. I know my body and the last time my knees started to feel ‘weird’ I tried to push through and I ended up having knee pain for weeks. So for the last half of the program I did lighter exercise and not all from the program. In complete fairness the workouts are great, and I knew that I was taking a risk going with the Extreme when I’m not as in shape as I should be. I’m looking forward to working my way up to being able to complete the full program with exercise part.

I also wanted to share some of the things that I have incorporated into my daily lifestyle that have helped me stay on course:

Breakfast: I used to do a protein shake in the morning and then get hungry by 11ish. I started doing a full breakfast to help fit more veggies into my diet. I chop up veggies the night before; usually peppers, onions, mushrooms and spinach. I sauté it and then add in 2 scrambled eggs for a quick an easy breakfast. I usually use my fruits as snacks at work and I’ve been making sure to add more veggies into my lunch and dinner.

Exercise: Not only do I make it a point to workout every day but also just to keep moving throughout the day. I’ve been taking daily walks at work during lunch and wearing my fitbit helps me keep track of my daily steps and stairs. My goal is 10,000 steps/day and even though I don’t always reach 10,000 I shoot for at least 7,000.

So what’s next?

I’ll be continuing using the eating plan out of the 21 day fix extreme, and I’ll be getting started on Brazil Butt Lift on Monday! It’s bikini time soon and I’m excited to shape up my behind while continuing to lose weight.

I would love to have you join me on this journey, leave me a comment below or contact me to learn more!