Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

I wanted to take a quick break from the festivities to share with you all a new favorite! I’ve stopped most of the subscription boxes; I ended up with too much skin care samples. While those are on a hold, I did find one that is absolutely perfect for me: ScentBird.


For $15 a month ScentBird will send you a vial of perfume. The vial should last a full month (it’s 8ml), and you get to select the perfume that you want them to send you each month from their extensive library (much like a Netflix Queue).

This is my first month, so I’ll report back on next month, but so far I am in love! The quality of the purse spray that they include is very nice and I love that I’ll get to switch up my perfumes more often without committing to $75+ bottles.




Have you tried ScentBird? What were your thoughts?