Finding Your Soul Mate Workout

Let’s talk about Soul Mate Workouts . What’s a Soul Mate Workout you ask? It’s simple; it’s THE workout program: The one that you actually enjoy doing, the one that you crave, and most importantly the one that you won’t want to skip. I heard the term from my favorite trainer of all time, Chalene Johnson. In an interview with Fitness Magazine she said,

Just like finding your love soul mate is rewarding, discovering your workout soul mate changes your perspective on taking care of yourself.

I can relate to this so much, after many failed weight loss attempts the first thing that always gave was my workout routine, I would get bored, or discouraged and pretty soon I had more excuses to not workout than calories consumed in a day! That all changed when I found TurboFire, my first fitness love. I did a lot of soul searching and researching before decided to buy it, but I was so glad as soon as I tried it out. Chalene’s style meshes really well with my personality, she is upbeat, positive and encouraging, but in such a fun way. In TurboFire I end up having fun and am entertained with the choreography, so much so that the workout and cardio just kind of sneaks in – it’s so different from cardio on a treadmill or elliptical. My second love is PiYo – it is just as amazing but in a very different way.

What can you do to find your Soul Mate Workout? Think about your ‘type’.

I love to workout in my living room, but I know others that are motivated by going to the gym everyday, or by working outside everyday. What setting motivates you the most?

Some people love the ‘no-nonsense’ style of Insanity and P90X, while I really enjoy the ‘fun’ workouts. If you decide to go for a Video Program, think about what trainer style works best for you.

Do you like to workout along, or in groups? Are you looking for High-impact or low-impact?

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Have you already found your Soul Mate Workout? Tell me about your ‘Type” in the comments below!