Italian Chicken and Salad

Today I wanted to share  a typical weekday dinner that I make for J and to enjoy: Italian Chicken with Salad. I hesitate to call this a recipe, because it really is super simple. It’s usually done within 35 minutes and doesn’t require much work.

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Every weekend I buy at least one pack of marinated italian chicken breast. Unfortunately planning ahead is not really my forte so the likelihood of me remembering to marinate chicken myself the night before is highly unlikely, which is where these really come in handy on those busy nights.

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I heat a little bit of olive oil in the pan on high heat while I cut the chicken into small squares.

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I throw the chicken in and let the sides brown just a little bit.

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I pour some extra italian dressing in the pan and I just let it cook stirring occasionally.

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and that’s it for the chicken. Really, it’s that simple. For the salad I drizzle a little bit of olive oil on baby romaine with a hint of salt and pepper, and I finish it off with a little bit of crumbled low fat feta cheese.

It’s one of my favorite meals when I’m in a pinch, and you can use the left over chicken for lunch at work the next day!

I would love to hear what your favorite ‘go-to’ recipe is, let me know in the comments below!