New Favorite: Josie Maran Cosmetics

Happy Belated Valentines Day Everyone!

In honor of the day of love, I wanted to share a brand that I have fallen completely, deeply, madly in love with. No Joke, I went from barely knowing about it to loving it in one swoon. That brand is Josie Maran Cosmetics. Overall I’ve seen mixed reviews on her products, but I am here to tell you that I adore them.


My first few experiences with Josie’s products were through various subscription boxes (I want to say birch box, or maybe Ipsy?) I got a tiny vial of her Argan Oil, and a small sample of her oil face wash. I enjoyed using both but never really thought twice about it, until now. One of the reasons for my hiatus is the sorry condition of my skin this winter. Seriously, my skin had me stumped. I tried everything from coconut oil to different lotions and really nothing helped. I hate putting foundation and makeup on flaky dry skin hence, no makeup tutorials. So I walked into Sephora last weekend and on a whim tried her matchmaker serum foundation, I swatched it on my hands, it was amazing, the color was a match and my hand instantly felt more moisturized and supple. So I bought the entire Matchmaker Kit to try out.

IMG_6741 IMG_6746

Now the video below is my first impression of it along with a demo, please check it out and read on for my take on it after using it all week!


The firs thing that use in my Josie routine is the Argan Oil Light – at this stage of winter I could probably get away with the regular oil, but I adore the Light version as well. I apply it liberally, my face feels moisturized like no-body’s business, but in a minute or two my face looks dewy and ready for makeup instead of looking like I put a dropper full of oil on my face. I know other people have used this in hair, and on hands and dry spots, and I’m sure it works great for those as well, but I will keep this for my face since it is a bit pricey.


The next product I use is from a previous kit that I purchased, it’s a daily moisturizer with SPF 40. Like all of her products, it again contains moisturizing Argan Oil, and I love that its a high level natural sunscreen. Layered over the oil it works very well on my dry face, but I may run into issues once my skin (and the tempurature) returns to normal with the combo being a bit too oily or greasy.


Then its time for some magic! This foundation comes in three shades and is supposed to match everyone. I’ve seen some reviews that prove otherwise, but for me it works perfectly! The foundation serum goes on white with pigment beads and as you apply the beads burst and eventually match your skin tone. Again I love that this foundation also has the Argan Oil, it feels luxurious on my skin. The only slight complaint that I have is that during the application while the beads burst it does feel a little grimy.

The foundation goes on white..

The foundation goes on white..

and transforms to match your skin tone

and transforms to match your skin tone

Next I use the powder, which again is supposed to match to your skin tone. On a day when I was running particularly late I used just the powder with no serum, and I still enjoyed the coverage. With just the serum or just the powder I find it to be a light to maybe a medium coverage, but with both layered you can achieve a medium to maybe even full coverage.


The last part of the kit was this gorgeous cheek gel. Like all of her other products, it feels gentle and moisturizing on the skin, and I love how I can easily layer the color to achieve the desired intensity. It is perfect for a natural flush!


Overall I love very product that I’ve tried, but one thing that really sets this brand apart from the rest is the heart behind the brand. The Argan Oil is from Morocco, it is fair trade sourced from women’s co-ops! Their brand is all natural and most of the ingredients are organic, and they don’t condone animal testing! While it is a pricier brand of cosmetics I feel comfortable paying for quality product!

IMG_6744 IMG_6745

I want to hear your thoughts: have you tried Josie’s line? If so, what are your favorites? If you haven’t tried it yet, do you plan to?