L’Occitane En Provenece – Review

In my last post I shared the lovely Christmas gift that I got from my hubby, and in this post I am going to review rave about L’Occitane en Provence.

Rewind a year, and I was in desperate need for a good hand cream.  There happens to be a (super adorable) L’Occitane boutique at my local mall, and J. and I happened to walk in. I remembered reading about their hand cream and I left that store a changed woman. I fell in love with the hand cream and I really wanted more, but I was really struggling with the steep price tag. J. has been gifting me L’Occitane products ever since.

Below are my thoughts of the items that I have tried (spoiler alert: they’re all awesome), but before I dive into that I wanted to let you all know that L’Occitane has many, many amazing gift sets in all sizes and I HIGHLY suggest giving them as gifts. They really are quality products and my experience with the packaging and their attention to detail has been awesome.

Let’s start with Bath/Shower Products


Almond Shower Oil – $48 for 16.9f fl.oz. – This is my favorite shower piece of all time! It has lathers nicely (although I wouldn’t call it a foam), and feels nothing like putting actually oil on your skin. However after the shower my skin fees silky soft and doesn’t feel stripped.

From L’Occitane:

Almond Shower Oil is one of our top ten best sellers around the world! It transforms into a lavish, softening foam that leaves a satin-like softness all over the body. Rich in almond oil and nourishing lipids, the Almond Shower Oil cleanses gently to impart a delectable perfume.

Lavender Organic Shower Gel – $20 for 8.4 fl.oz. – This shower gel is very nice, it’s a gentle shower gel, but it doesn’t feel as luxurious as the Almond Shower Oil. The reason I love this so much is the scent, it transports you into those gorgeous purple lavender fields, it makes for a perfect way to start or end a busy day.

From L’Occitane:

Wash away worries! PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Lavender Organic* Shower Gel is blended in a 100% plant-based formula to gently cleanse the skin, leaving behind a fresh and light scent.

*Natural and organic cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to Ecocert standard available at http://cosmetics.ecocert.com

Almond Delicious Soap – $5 for 1.7 fl.oz. – I received this soap in a set before and I loved it!  I was traveling and I actually used it as a body soap, not as a hand soap. The crushed shells would probably be a little too rough for dry skin (I used it during the summer when my skin is a lot less sensitive).

From L’Occitane:

Delightful hand soap holds the light, floral fragrance of almond blossoms, and contains crushed almond shells to gently exfoliate skin. Almond ingredients of 100% Haute Provence origin–reflecting L’Occitane’s commitment to help rebuild the presence of the almond tree in the landscape of Provence.

Now onto the lotions and moisturizers


Almond Milk Concentrate – $46 for 7 fl.oz. – I’ve been alternating this cream along with the Shea Butter Lotion and I love it! I use this every morning after my shower. It smells very nice, is moisturizing and soaks in quickly.

 From L’Occitane:

L’OCCITANE blends almond proteins and silicium into a silky, concentrated milk that nourishes and smooths the whole body. The light, creamy and silky texture absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue while skin is left feeling satiny-smooth and is enveloped in the fresh and delicate fragrance of Almond blossoms.

Made with Almonds sourced from Haute Provence, the Almond Milk Concentrate also supports the sustainability of almond trees in the region, as these trees are a staple to the beauty of the Provençal landscape.

Shea Butter Body Lotion – $30 for 8.4 fl.oz. – J. and I bought this jumbo size on sale, and I can’t find this size on the website anymore. Out of all of their products this is the least favorite scent. Thankfully it’s very light and not terrible, just not my favorite. The quality of this lotion more than makes up for it though. It soaks in quickly and, like all of their products, leave your skin feeling nourished and luxurious.

From L’Occitane:

Daily moisture solution for dry skin, in a non-breakable squeeze bottle ideal for shower and travel. Introduces your body to a trove of nature’s treasures, including 15% Shea Butter (derived directly from the African Shea tree), natural honey, and apricot oil. Nourishes, moisturizes and protects: keys to maintaining the look of health. Lifts the senses with subtle essences of jasmine and ylang-ylang.

Magnolia and Mure Perfumed Body Milk – $20 for 5.9 fl.oz.  – I haven’t had a chance to use this sample yet, but I wanted to share this with you because I am obsessed with how amazing this smells! This is a part of their ‘La Collection de Grasse’ which features multiple unique scents.

From L’Occitane:

Between flower and fruit, the mysterious magnolia essence provides the prelude to wild blackberry notes. Present throughout the fragrance, blackberry gives a tenderness to the woody structure and softens its seriousness.

A sensual blend of flower and fruit, the Magnolia & Mûre Eau de Toilette allures with its shimmering, velvety profile. Perfect for use all year long, this body milk moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft and scented. Made with magnolia essential oil from the Far East and a blackberry infusion from the south of France, it leaves behind a floral and fruity fragrance.

And Lastly Hand Lotions:


Shea Butter Hand Cream – $28 for 5.2fl.oz. or $12 for 1fl.oz. – This was THE hand cream that started it all. I included both my original tube and the small sample that I just received. I’ve been using this religiously, especially now through the cold months. It soaks in very fast but moisturizes so well. It also smells divine!

From L’Occitane:

Enriched with 20% Shea Butter, this super-creamy balm penetrates quickly to protect, nourish and moisturize hands. Honey, almond extracts and coconut oil are blended with Shea Butter to create this extremely effective formula. The rich texture leaves hands soft and smooth with no oily traces, and can be applied as often as needed.

Lavender Hand Cream* – $22 for 2.6 fl.oz – This is a great item to keep in your desk at work. Like all of their hand lotions this moisturizes well, but the scent is so calming its perfect for a quick breather or a pick me up.

From L’Occitane:

Enriched with shea butter and lavender essential oil from Haute-Provence, this smooth, light-textured cream gently helps to nourish the hands leaving them softly perfumed.

Spring Cherry Hand Cream* – $10 for 1fl.oz. – This is one of my favorite scents from the line. Lookout though L’Occitane has both a Spring Cherry and a regular Cherry Blossom. While I love both, the Spring Cherry, in my opinion, is the better of the two.

From L’Occitane:

The south of France is known the world over for its natural bounty and fruitful harvests. The lovely cherry tree and the beautiful butterflies that flit from blossom to blossom  symbolize these qualities of Provence.
The innovative formula of our Spring Cherry Hand Cream has a light and foamy texture. The cream contains shea butter to moisturize and nourish hands, leaving them smooth and soft. A cherry extract from the Luberon region of Provence leaves hands delicately perfumed with a fresh and floral scent.

*Please note that while these two moisturize really well, they don’t moisturize as well as the original shea butter hand cream.

Well loves, I know this is a much longer post than I typically do, but after sharing my Christmas gift, I wanted to go through the L’Occitane products that I’ve tried and love. I highly recommend trying these out yourselves and gifting one of their lovely sets!

Have you tried L’Occitane products? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Zsanika