Simple Illuminating Makeup Look

J. and I both caught the first colds of the season, and we have been miserable for the last two weeks. Since my new job has a business casual dress code, and I still had to meet and interact with people, I couldn’t go to work with no makeup on. So what is a girl to do when she is feeling ill and but doesn’t want to look as bad as she feels? Follow my simple makeup technique below for a look that is effortless and pretty.



You want to start with a clean face, and moisturize really well. I used a moisturizing face mist, moisturizer and eye cream.

IMG_4931Next you want to take a matte face cream, foundation and an illuminator and apply a mixture of the three products. I use a matte face cream because it lightens the foundation along with the illuminator (I used an illuminating primer), but it adds a matte effect/


put a dot of each on the back of your hand and mix together

put a dot of each on the back of your hand and mix together

Apply to your face using your fingers.

Apply to your face using your fingers.

I then used concealer to hide any blemishes, and followed up with a touch of my Bareminerals foundation as well. Again I like that the Bareminerals foundation adds a nice glow to the skin, without overdoing it, plus it helps lock in the liquid foundation mix we applied earlier. Finish with a blush. I ADORE the Tigi blush below, it adds the perfect amount of color with a dewy finish.

IMG_4979 IMG_4936 IMG_4937 IMG_4938

Next you have two options depending on just how sick you are feeling, you can curl your lashes and apply a little bit of shadow and leave it at that (I highly recommend this option if you are feeling stuffy, you don’t want to tear up and have a mascara meltdown) or you can also apply some mascara for a bit more glamour.


Bareminerals in Queen Phyllis

Bareminerals in Queen Phyllis

IMG_4943 IMG_4948


You want to finish off the look with a colored lip balm or lip butter. You want to add a tint to your lips, and I prefer to use something moisturizing. I would caution against a sticky lipgloss (I got fuzz from the tissue I was blowing my nose with caught in it… ick).

IMG_4993 IMG_4945


And you are all set!

IMG_5015 IMG_5008How do you brave the world when you are under the weather?

Love,  Zsankia